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Social - CBD Topical Patch - 100mg

Social - CBD Topical Patch - 100mg

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The CBD industry is constantly seeing innovative new products come and go, and while some don’t pick up steam, others can be viewed as borderline revolutionary. Social CBD has caught lightning in a bottle with their ingenious cannabidiol patch! The brand’s Topical Patch is a clever product that makes it much easier to experience the effects of CBD over the course of a day without having to do anything whatsoever. Each patch contains 100mg of broad spectrum hemp extract, and you can either purchase them individually or as a 3-count pack. These patches can be used anytime and anywhere, offering a mobility that virtually no other CBD product can truthfully boast. Once the patch is on, it won’t come off without you wanting it to. It is sweat and water resistant, meaning that you can even slap a patch on just before heading into the gym and you won’t need to worry about it falling off. Even trips to the community pool or to the beach can be boosted with the addition of this patch, and since there is no THC in this product, there is no chance that you will experience a psychoactive reaction to the CBD. To use this product, simply place the patch on your arm or another convenient part of your body. Once applied, it will continuously feed CBD into your skin, ensuring that you receive a consistent stream of cannabidiol throughout your day. It can be used at any time of day, and can even be applied just before you go to sleep for a full night of CBD. If you are interested in the patch but feel like the amount of CBD is too high for your liking, you can cut the patch in half and enjoy two less potent uses. Experience the future of CBD today!

Lab Reports

Social - CBD Topical Patch - 100mg Lab Report
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