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How to Boost Your Immune System, Naturally

Whether you are planning on getting the coronavirus vaccine or not, this article is to remind everyone that we need to be boosting our immune systems!! If you are not getting the vaccine, you obviously need to protect yourself and strengthen your immune system; On the other hand, if you are getting the vaccine you need to strengthen your immune system because the vaccine will weaken your immune system.

Vitamins!! Take your vitamins 💕 precautionary measures are always best ❤️

Probiotics are also important, even for kids because gut health is key ✨

Vitamin C, D and Zinc are the main vitamins we keep stocked up on. These vitamins will help your body attack any virus it comes into contact with.

For the girls, I use liquid zinc and vitamin D in their bottles. Since I declined the Vitamin K shot at birth, I was putting organic vitamin K2 and D3 in my newborns bottles. It was derived from sea moss and plant algae, so completely safe. The older one gets a shot of vitamin C and a couple elderberry gummies daily. When she is sick, I have other things we incorporate like elderberry mushroom immune booster shots. We also do chewable probiotics a few times a week.

I make sure to make it a habit with my girls by making it a fun time, it has to be because it is part of our morning/nighttime ‘routine’. My oldest daughter loves her medicine and always wants to take shots, to the point where if I forget she reminds me. If any one in the house is sick, we double up on everything and take lavender baths. I use lavender essential oil and lavender flower pedals. I've also incorporated other oils to help breathing and fevers like eucalyptus, peppermint, orange and lemon.

We also have chewable zinc and vitamin c tablets; Along with elderberry, vitamin c and zinc lozenges. I say we because they were originally suppose to be mine but my oldest wants to be just like me, so mommies medicine is better.. lol. I’ll give her the zinc and vitamin c tablets bc they dissolve super quick but for my elderberry lozenges, I trick her and give her her chewable probiotic tablets because they look almost identical. So that works for now lol

For myself, I try to take the zinc tablets and lozenges on a daily basis. If I feel like I am not getting enough Vitamin D, I have a pill for that. If I’m sick or feel anything different, I will double up on vitamins multiple times a day. I take a nighttime multivitamin shot that has everything in it because our bodies absorb the most nutrients when we are sleeping. I also have elderberry and lemon balm, immune support and stress relief tea that is amazing.

With the virus mutating itself, nobody is ever going to be fully immune and that is just one of the reasons why we need to focus on the basic building blocks of our bodies by starting with boosting our immune systems. The virus and the vaccine are known to make you feel like complete shit. If you plan on getting the vaccine, you will weaken your immune system response; so PLEASE give it a fighting chance and strengthen your immune system first, then DETOX your body.

I will eventually do a whole separate article about the detoxing your body after vaccination because they contain extremely dangerous amounts of aluminum, which is considered a toxic metal and mercury. If your child has a certain genetic make-up, their body will not be able to recognize, metabolize and detox these toxic metals. In my vaccine article, I will explain why a delayed and spaced out vaccination schedule is better. I will also explain why these toxins have to be in vaccines in order for them to work, along with why they are dangerous and what side effects they cause.

One thing that we can all do, that doesn't cost us any extra money is eat better. Look for orange colored fruits and vegetables because those contain the most vitamin C. I also make sure to cook with the herbs and spices that boost your immune system, help with inflammation and aid in digestion. Those spices include ginger, turmeric, garlic, cinnamon/glove and Italian seasonings.

I hope everyone is making the best of this mercury retrograde and having an awesome new year!

As Always,

Stay Happy, Healthy and Blessed 💕

Blessed Hippie Mama ✨

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