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Giving this mom some credibility

Us mothers can really lose ourselves in the never ending repetitive cycle of motherhood, without even knowing it our damn self. I wanted to start this blog for many different reasons, the main one being helping other moms our and being their go to source for all things mommy related. I will share all things real life mom related because as moms I feel like we are constantly asking ourselves if we are doing the right things, well the 'right' way.. all while trying to do them the best way possible, which is usually more time consuming and you know we don't got time for all that.. so I'm here to provide a little laugh and reassurance that we are not alone because we all have questions and answers that can help others in similar places.

I have always wanted to start a blog but never thought it was even a possibility until I realized my life is actually what I make it.. Soo here is a little bit about me;

I have always loved all things spiritual and making unique things, like natural candles and soaps. I also love to travel and have seen a lot in my short almost twenty-seven years on this planet. I started this page for my blog and potential business inspired by my children and life experiences. I want to share all of my experiences, travels and knowledge with others who are curious and/or like minded with questions about anything naturalist, naturopathic and mom related.

I have been blessed to have traveled across the country before suffering a traumatic brain injury a few years ago. Since then I’ve been coming to terms with my life drastically changing and being unwilling different but have still managed to travel a little bit and gain the most life experience through self-growth and awareness. I have overcame the biggest trials and tribulations of my entire life, all while going back to school and getting my bachelors degree.

Since my brain injury, I have gained the upmost patience and really learned how to enjoy the littlest things in our daily lives; because even when we do not mean to, we tend to get so busy that we unknowingly take things for granted and then before we realize it, those days are gone.

Now I have dedicated my life to raising my children to be the best versions of themselves. I am also blessed to have two daughters that love nature just as much as their mama 💕

I want to share my personal experiences so others can gain real life knowledge on everything I’ve looked up and read into because not everything you read online works and every one is different. So if I can relate to and help just a couple people then I’ve reached my first goal ✨

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