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From Unmedicated Childbirth to Camping w the babies

I had the worst, most sickest pregnancies I have ever known of and want to hopefully reach others who have gone through those awful times to offer some tips and tricks that helped provide me with even a little bit of comfort. I was diagnosed as malnutritional with deteriorating muscle mass but it was still a huge personal goal of mine to deliver my babies naturally, and for so many reasons.

Unfortunately the first time, under educated mom in me resulted in a vacuum extraction with my oldest daughter. The second time around I was more educated, yet less prepared but determined to do it entirely naturally and we did just that by standing up for myself and knowing my options/rights. I ended up getting my placenta encapsulated both times, which I believed helped me with post partum depression and post partum anxiety, along with boosting my milk supply like crazy.

With this blog, it is my goal to share each of my personal experiences one by one to help others save some time and energy. Some ideas I have for my first posts include how to cope with severe morning sickness (hypermesis gravidarum) and what helped me to give birth unmedicated/naturally.

My blogs will begin with things related to pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. With the drastic changes in hormones, our emotions can run wild and these times are making it even tougher. I am blessed to have such happy and healthy kiddos, so I will also be sharing what I do with them and what we do together to promote healthy and strong immune systems.

Eventually when I have more time on my hands, I will get back to writing about the other things I also love; which include all things natural and spiritual, along with traveling and the beautiful locations I have been to. Me and my girls love to get outdoors and get dirty doing hands on things; they love our little camper and want to live out of it, again.. lol if only it was that simple, maybe one day!!

For now and always,

Stay Happy, Healthy & Blessed

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